S Squadron's organisation, equipment and vehicles are as close to the real life counterpart as possible. As such all tactics, techniques and procedures learnt in training are up-to-date and currently in use by the UK Special Forces. Our exclusive insight allows for a high level of immersion and realism in our training programmes as well as during operations.



Initial training during selection will consist of weapon and vehicle handling, small unit tactics, navigation and patrol techniques. Following selection, new candidates will be put through the SF Parachutist Course, including HALO and HAHO jumps, and will then move on to further employment and continuation training.



A fully badged member of the Squadron can expect to train in a wide range of skills including but not limited to the following:

  • Counter Terrorism Exercises
  • Hostage Rescue Exercises
  • Air Assault Exercises
  • CQB & Room Entry
  • Demolitions Training
  • Medic and First Aid Training
  • Forward Air Control Courses
  • Sniper Courses