S Squadron



22 SAS Regiment is one of the most renowned military units in the world. From its origins in the North Africa campaign during the Second World War to its more recent involvement in the Middle East and worldwide counter terrorism, its ethos remains the same; the unrelenting pursuit of excellence, self-discipline, classlessness, humility and humour.



With this in mind, S Squadron aims to deliver a unique experience in ArmA 3 multiplayer, offering the opportunity to operate and train as a member of an SAS Squadron, implementing undisclosed UK Special Forces tactics, techniques, procedures, as well as modern equipment and vehicles.



S Squadron was founded by a group of like-minded individuals with years of experience within various milsim and realism units, across different games and platforms. This provides members with an enjoyable team atmosphere and exciting and unique gameplay features.



S Squadron is an ArmA 3 multiplayer group which takes pride in its level of immersion and professionalism as well as maintaining the important balance between realism, gameplay and fun. 


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